Renal Medicine Labs

Image for Human Physiology Laboratory at Emory University

Human Physiology Laboratory at Emory University

The Human Physiology Laboratory at Emory University is directed by Dr. Jeanie Park and housed within both the Emory University Renal Division and the Atlanta VA Medical Center Clinical Studies Center.

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Image for INFORMED - Plantinga Research Team

INFORMED - Plantinga Research Team

The INstant Functional Outcomes Report for Meaningful Encounters in Dialysis (INFORMED) study aims to provide information to both dialysis patients and their providers about patients┬┐ physical functioning, or how well patients are getting around and performing their daily tasks.

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Renal Concentrating Laboratory

The Renal Concentrating lab investigates mechanisms for concentrating urine in the inner medulla of the kidney. Our current research projects focus on defining the molecular physiology of urea transporters, since urea transport is a key component in the urine-concentrating mechanism.

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Intercalated Cell Physiology Laboratory

Intercalated Cell Physiology Laboratory (Susan Wall lab) at Emory University within the Division of Renal Medicine. The Wall lab is exploring blood pressure regulation by the kidney. In particular, they are addressing how intercalated cells, a minority cell type in kidney, controls blood pressure and the pressor response to hormones such as aldosterone and angiotensin II.

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