Clinical Distinctions

The Department of Medicine has initiated a system of tiered clinical distinctions to better recognize faculty who have made significant clinical contributions. These distinctions, ranging from Physician to Master Clinician, are outlined in the following guidelines. 
clinical distinctions 2018
Pictured above: DOM 2018 Clinical Distinction honorees
Clinical Distinctions 2017
Pictured above: DOM 2017 Clinical Distinction honorees

Full Guidelines & Process

These guidelines are designed to recognize the clinically-related efforts of Department of Medicine (DOM) regular faculty as well as Emory Specialty Associates physicians associated with the DOM.  The primary criterion for advancement to levels of senior clinical distinctions is excellence in clinical services, including direct patient care and clinical administration, and must be evident at each level of advancement. 

Full guidelines including process

Timeline & Documents

2018-2019 Timeline

Documentation required for your distinction:

  1. CV (SOM format) (required)
  2. Clinical Service Statement­ – document to address the four categories of achievement as applicable (Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction, Innovation, Administration, Citizenship) (required)
    Clinical Service Statement Template
    Clinical Service Statement Sample
  3. A suggested evaluator list that your division director will use to solicit letters of support (required)

Committee for Clinical Distinctions

Kathy Griendling, Ex-Officio Member, Cardiology
Patrick Bowen, Chair, Endocrinology, TEC
Tanvi Dhere, Digestive Diseases, TEC
Mikhael El Chami, Hospital Medicine, EUHM
Annette Esper, Pulmonary, Grady
Stephanie Garrett, General Medicine, TEC
Jesse Jacob, Infectious Diseases, EUHM
David Krakow, Hospital Medicine, EUH
Lynn Schlanger, Renal, VA
Jennifer Zreloff, General Medicine, TEC

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