Invest in Infectious Diseases

Are you interested in investing in the research Emory University’s Division of Infectious Diseases is doing to combat infectious diseases across the world? Funds given to the Division support the three-pronged mission of the Division of Infectious Diseases: cutting-edge research, education, and clinical care.

Jonas Shulman Fund

  • The Jonas Shulman Fund supports the Emory University Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program, among the best in the world training the next generation of infectious diseases physicians and researchers.  To learn more about Jonas Shulman and the award named after him visit Jonas Shulman awards.

Tami Fisk Global Health Fund

  • The Tami Fisk Global Health Fund supports infectious diseases fellows interested in performing research and care in the developing world. Learn more about Tami and how to give to a fund in her name. 

Emory Infectious Diseases Fund for Excellence

  • Emory Infectious Diseases Fund for Excellence – donations support the cutting edge work of the Infectious Diseases Division such as their national leadership role in the development of safe and effective methods to treat serious contagious diseases like Ebola.

Noteworthy research being done by current Emory University Infectious Diseases faculty and fellows includes:

  • Ebola research and clinical care
  • HIV infection in Atlanta and around the world
  • Epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases
  • Hepatitis B and C virus infections: immunology and treatment
  • Tuberculosis epidemiology, immunology, treatment and social determinants of health
  • Health care epidemiology and infection control
  • Microbial pathogenesis and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
  • Genomics and resistance in Staphylococcus
  • Determining risk factors for and optimal treatment of recurrent C.difficile infections
  • Vaccine-related immunology; transplant 

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