Residency Program

The Emory University Department of Medicine Residency Program supports several different options for residency training including:

Over the course of their residency training, residents participate in a comprehensive educational curriculum that emphasizes achieving complete competence in general internal medicine, while allowing for ample experience in all internal medicine subspecialties.

We utilize an integrated educational program that includes core didactics delivered at each of the Emory-affiliated hospitals with a group of strategically placed layered programs that reinforce the achievement of the key clinical skills in internal medicine. In addition, we provide high-level training curricula that focus on leadership, teaching, communication, evidence-based medicine, procedural competence, performance improvement and transitions of care.


Message from Program Director, Karen Law

Karen Law

Welcome to the J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program at Emory University School of Medicine!  

At Emory, our residents experience unparalleled clinical training, set in a world-class center for research, public health, and medical education.  Our residency curriculum is carefully designed to emphasize patient ownership and continuity, bedside examination and procedural skills, evidence-based medicine and high-quality care, and leadership skills.  We find this is the best way to achieve our mission to train the next generation of healthcare leaders who are committed to clinical excellence and intellectual curiosity, with enduring dedication to service and the privilege of patient care. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit us today.  We encourage you learn more about us, and envision how residency training at Emory might be the perfect fit for your next educational experience.


Karen Law, MD
Program Director, J Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency
Associate Vice Chair of Education, Department of Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine