Lilin Lai, MD

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

Phone: 404-727-3749

Fax: 404-377-1335



Dr. Lai is a well-trained virologist and immunologist with expertise in clinical infectious disease and vaccine trial researches, she joined Emory Vaccine Center working in designing and evaluating HIV vaccine candidates with nonhuman primate models. Her current researches at the Hope Clinic are involved in immunogenicity studies of a variety of vaccine trials against infectious diseases, such as: HIV, human papillomavirus (HPV), Influenza, Norovirus, Smallpox, Tuberculosis and Ebola. Dr. Lai is also playing a leading role in planning and conducting translational work in response to emerging infectious diseases. During 2014-2015, she worked on project of using post-exposure prophylaxis after occupational exposure to Ebolaviru s and recently was first author on a paper describing immune responses to an Ebola vaccine (Lai, JAMA 2015:313(12), 1249-1255). Currently, she serves as Lab PI for  DMID Protocol 16-0017: "A Prospective Natural History Study of US Patients with a History of Zika Virus Infection”.