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Please consult the Division of Infectious Diseases faculty directory for detailed faculty profiles and contact information.

Monica Farley

Infectious Diseases Division Director
Monica M. Farley, MD
Professor of Medicine Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
Emory University Department of Medicine

Dr. Farley's Administrative Assistant
Andrea Kirwan

Executive Committee

The Emory Division of Infectious Diseases Executive Committee is responsible for strategic planning, operational oversight and advising the Division Director, Monica, M. Farley, MD on new divisional initiatives and faculty recruitment.

Wendy Armstrong, MD
Henry M Blumberg, MD
Carlos del Rio, MD
Molly Eaton, MD
Monica M. Farley, MD
James Hughes, MD
Jeffrey Lennox, MD
Mark Mulligan, MD
Walter Orenstein, MD
Susan Ray, MD
David Rimland, MD
James Steinberg, MD

Business Administration

Melinda Ogilve

Melinda Ogilvie
Division Administrator

Kitty Bekele, Sr Financial Analyst

Stacy Johnson, HR Representative

Kenya Ray, Fellowship Coordinator

Program Coordinators

• Atlanta VA Medical Center and Monica M. Farley, MDWendy Baughman, 404-321-6111 x6478
• Emory University Hospital Midtown - Nicole Antoine, 404-686-7910
• Emory University Hospital Midtown and James Steinberg, Francie Lasseter, 404-686-2349
• Emory University Hospital Midtown and Workowski, MD,  Joane Lopez, 404-686-5198
• Emory University Hospital and Bruce Ribner, MDSonia Bell, 404-712-7199  
• Hope Clinic -Talib Sirajud-Deen, 404-712-9045
• Hope Clinic and Mark Mulligan, MDMelinda Ogilvie, 404-712-9044
• Hope Clinic and Mark Mulligan, MD - Nayoka Rimann
• Grady Memorial Hospital and Blumberg, MD - Jane Tapia
• Ponce de Leon Clinic and Lennox, MD - Ericka Patrick
• Ponce de Leon Clinic and Lennox, MD - Tanisha Sullivan
• Ofotokun, MD and Ponce de Leon Clinic - Sara Sanford, 404-251-8936
Walter Orenstein, MDTanya Cassingham, 404-727-3450
Walter Orenstein, MD - Dianne Miller, 404-712-2467

Infectious Diseases Facilities

The Emory University Division of Infectious Diseases faculty are based at various Emory facilities including:

Atlanta Veteran Affairs Hospital (VA)
Emory Vaccine Center
Emory University Hospital
Emory University Hospital Midtown
Grady Memorial Hospital
Hope Clinic
Ponce de Leon Clinic