Ward Attending Guide to the Junior Medicine Clerkship

Thanks for all your work with our students.  Please review the information below to know what is happening with your students while they are on Medicine.

Clerkship Student Expectations

We have updated our Learning goals and objectives for students.  They are summarized below and can be reviewed in full here.

The objectives are organized around 4 key “activities” in which our students will engage:

  1. Admitting a new patient into the hospital
  2. Following a patient in the hospital
  3. Acquisition of medical knowledge of our core curriculum topics
  4. Professional practice

Key points

  • We expect the students admit at least one new patient per long-call and one per short call OR on average 2.25 patients per week.
  • We do not set a maximum number of patients students can follow at a time, but leave it to the team’s discretion to manage that number for optimal learning.
  • Students need to write a full admission write-up on every patient that is new to them (whether or not the patient was admitted overnight or transferred).
  • Students are encouraged to work up patients with minimal initial information to practice unbiased history and examination skills. We encourage “name + chief complaint - go see them.”
  • Students present their patients to you on attending rounds.

Expectations for the students

We hope you agree in principle with our Learning objectives. We ask that you communicate your specific expectations to students on your first days with them

What we ask you to do:

Direct Observation

This year we are trying to ensure that all students receive direct observation of at least a HPI, a cardiovascular exam and a pulmonary exam each month that they are on medicine.

They have a form they will ask you to complete.

Feedback to students

Attached is our paperwork packet students must complete. We tell them that these papers are meant to facilitate meaningful feedback conversations and are not graded.

Bedside and Clinical Teaching

Students present with varied experiences in clinical work, but hunger for teaching time with you. Students crave brief, basic talks at bedside or whiteboard.

Written Student evaluations

After working with students for at least 7 days, we need you to complete evalualations in our new evaluation system - Oasis - fortunately it uses your Emory login info.


Reporting Problems with students

Please email or call us if you ever have concerns about the students or feedback about the clerkship. The sooner, the better. jrpittm@emory.edu, kllaw@emory.edu.

Schedule for Didactics

Students are required to attend Medicine didactics Wednesdays from 3 PM to 5 PM on the Grady Campus.  1 required EBM session to attend during their first month. A more detailed schedule is available on Blackboard.

Please emailpamela.cohen@emory.edu if you would like access to our new Blackboard course or weekly didactics email.  

Student Schedule

1st site - January 6, 2015 to January 29, 2015

Intersession - January, 30, 2015- All day session at Emory School of Medicine

2nd site - February, 1, 2015 to February 24, 2015

Examinations February 25 (OSCE), February 23 (Oral Exam) and February 26 (NBME)