Microscopes in MiM Core

The Emory Microscopy in Medicine Lab has a variety of microscopes for the use of faculty.  This service is free of charge to all internal faculty members. Please review the documents and information below for more details.

Resource Documents

• Microscopes Available in MiM Core
• Microscope Calibrations
• Seeing Is Believing

Confocal Microscopes

Zeiss LSM 510 META

The Zeiss LSM 510 META in WMB Room 303 is used primarily for obtaining information on the spatial localization of fluorescently-labeled proteins within fixed single cells and tissues.


Zeiss LSM Instructions

Leica TCS SP5 II 

The Leica TCS SP5 II in WMB Room 1011 is equipped with a tandem scanner (conventional and resonance), HyD detectors, and Ludin environmental chamber for live cell imaging.  Additional features include phase contrast and DIC optics, Adaptive Focus Control, Mark and Find and Tiling.


Tracking of Ang II receptors

Tracking of mitochondria

Cell division

Live cell time series



Brightfield and Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy

Zeiss Axioskop 2 Plus

The Zeiss Axioskop 2 microscope equipped with an AxioCam HRc camera in WMB Room 303  is used primarily to examine hematoxylin and eosin (H+E) stained 5-7 µm-thick tissue sections, immunohistochemistry of frozen tissue sections and immunocytochemistry of fixed specimens.  Additional features include polarizing optics and a rotating stage.


Zeiss Axioskop instructions

Zeiss Axioskop equipped with RT SPOT camera   

The Zeiss Axioskop microscope equipped with a SPOT RT Slider camera is used for brightfield and widefield fluorescence microscopy.



Olympus IX71 Fluorescence Microscope

The Olympus IX71 microscope equipped with an Olympus DP71 camera is used for phase contrast and fluorescence imaging of cells in cultured dishes.