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Our Administration

Emory University Campus




General Administration
Chairman David S. Stephens, MD 404-727-8357
Executive Assistant to Chairman Jennifer Vazquez 404-727-8357
Executive Vice Chair Jeff Sands, MD 404-727-2525
Assistant to the Executive Vice Chair Sheila Thomas 404-727-3959
Interim Executive Administrator Marilea Grider 404-712-1375
Senior Clinical Administrator Kevin Andrews 404-727-2513
Program Coordinator Molly Dunham-Friel 404-727-7878
Communications Specialist Kelly Russ 404-727-7009
Clinical Administration
Director, The Emory Clinic Douglas Morris, MD 404-778-4801
Assistant to Director, The Emory Clinic Marilyn Battles 404-778-4801
Executive Dir, Clinic-OP Paul Hammonds


Assistant to Exec Dir, Clinic-OP Martha E Alm 404-778-5342
Quality Improvement
Associate Vice Chair for Quality Vacant 404-778-5334
Assistant to Associate Vice Chair for Quality Vacant 404-778-5374
Research Administration
Vice Chair Kathy Griendling, PhD 404-727-3364
Assistant to Vice Chair Karen Summers 404-727-3364
Associate Vice Chair Russ Price, PhD 404-727-3934
Program Coordinator Ashley Freeman 404-712-3280
Faculty Develpment
Vice Chair Kathy Griendling, PhD 404-727-3364
Assistant to Vice Chair Karen Summers 404-727-3364
Associate Director - Programs Alia Kamel 404-712-0855
Faculty Development Coordinator Katie Davis 404-712-1382
Human Resources
Human Resources Manager Jennifer Biggers 404-727-7064
Human Resources Associate Renee Hawes 404-727-5184
Human Resources Specialist Jo Crawford 404-727-5145
Associate Administrator Steven Doney 404-727-7064
Senior Accountant Tony Haney 404-712-0419
Accountant Vacant
Information Technology
Associate Vice Chair Arun Mohan, MD, MBA 404-686-2901
Mgr, Information Techniology Sonja Westbrook 404-712-1423
Manager, SOM IT - Grady Nina Long 404-712-1443
Client Service Representative Stephanie Dravk 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Joel Harris 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Steven Swygert 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Stan Watts 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Vacant 404-727-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant - Grady John Scott 404-712-1443

Grady Memorial Hospital Campus




Grady Affairs
Chief of Medicine Service and Vice Chair Jeffrey Lennox, MD 404-251-8782
Assistant to Chief of Service Michael Roe
Administrator - Grady Operations and Education Steven Doney
Medical Education and Residency Programs
Vice Chair Erica Brownfield 404-778-1613
Assistant to Vice Chair Joanne Boykin 404-778-1607
Residency Program Director Lorenzo Di Francesco, MD 404-251-8790
Residency Program Administrator Jennifer Hill 404-251-8778
Program Coordinator - Events Thedis Carries 404-251-8789
Program Coordinator - Recruitment and Med/Psych Danielle Terrell 404-251-8788
Program Coordinator - HR and Verifcations Gwen President 404-251-8787
Program Coordinator - Primary Care Joanne Boykin 404-778-1607
Accountant Lynn Wiley 404-251-8738
Information Analyst Nathan Alexander 404-251-8791
Transitional Year Residency/Ambulatory Block Program Coordinator Tanya Chambers 404-778-0263
Medical Clerkship - Program Coordinator Ginnie Hardison 404-778-1655
Verification Requests Gwen President 404-251-8787

Chief Residents

For general questions regarding the Department of Medicine residency program, email us at




Emory University Hospital Megan DeMoss
Emory University Hospital Midtown Justin Cheeley 404-686-3260
Grady Memorial Hospital Tiffany Walker 404-251-8779
Grady Memorial Hospital Frank Corrigan 404-251-8780
VA Medical Center Valeria Cantos Lucio 404-235-3000