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General Administration
Chairman David S. Stephens, MD 404-727-8357
Executive Assistant to Chairman Dianne Watson 404-727-8357
Executive Vice Chair Jeff Sands, MD 404-727-2525
Assistant to the Executive Vice Chair Sheila Thomas 404-727-3959
Interim Executive Administrator Marilea Grider 404-712-1375
Senior Clinical Administrator Kevin Andrews 404-727-2513
Program Coordinator Molly Dunham-Friel 404-727-7878
Communications Specialist Kelly (Russ) Bingham 404-727-7009
Senior Marketing Manager Kelly Frazer Johnson 404-727-0995
Clinical Administration
Director, Emory Clinic Douglas Morris, MD 404-778-4801
Assistant to Director, The Emory Clinic Marilyn Battles 404-778-4801
Executive Director, Clinic Operations Paul Hammonds


Assistant to Exec Director, Clinic Operations  Martha E Alm 404-778-5342
Quality Improvement
Vice Chair for Quality Nathan Spell, MD 404-712-2311
Assistant to Associate Vice Chair for Quality Vacant 404-778-5374
Research Administration
Vice Chair Kathy Griendling, PhD 404-727-3364
Assistant to Vice Chair Karen Summers 404-727-3364
Associate Vice Chair Russ Price, PhD 404-727-3934
Program Coordinator Ashley Freeman 404-712-3280
Faculty Development
Vice Chair Kathy Griendling, PhD 404-727-3364
Assistant to Vice Chair Karen Summers 404-727-3364
Associate Director - Programs Alia Kamel 404-712-0855
Faculty Development Coordinator Katie Davis 404-712-1382
Human Resources
Human Resources Manager Jennifer Biggers 404-727-7064
Human Resources Associate Renee Hawes 404-727-5184
Human Resources Specialist Jo Crawford 404-727-5145
Associate Administrator Steven Doney 404-727-7064
Senior Accountant Rita Frazier 404-712-2966
Information Technology
Associate Vice Chair Vacant
Manager, Information Techniology Sonja Westbrook 404-712-1423
Manager, SOM IT - Grady Nina Long 404-712-1443
Client Service Representative Heiress Cain 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Joel Harris 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Morris Royal 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Stan Watts 404-712-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant Adam Woodburn 404-727-1443
Senior Desktop Consultant - Grady John Scott 404-712-1443

Grady Affairs
Chief of Medicine Service and Vice Chair Jeffrey Lennox, MD 404-251-8782
Assistant to Chief of Service Michael Roe
Administrator - Grady Operations and Education Steven Doney
Medical Education and Residency Programs
Vice Chair Wendy Armstrong (December 1, 2014) 404-778-1613
Residency Program Director Lorenzo Di Francesco, MD 404-251-8790
Residency Program Administrator Jennifer Hill 404-251-8778
Program Coordinator - Events Thedis Carries 404-251-8789
Program Coordinator - Recruitment and Med/Psych Danielle Terrell 404-251-8788
Program Coordinator - HR and Verifications Gwen President 404-251-8787
Program Coordinator - Primary Care/Ambulatory Block Coordinator Shylika Glickman 404-251-8791
Accountant Lynn Wiley 404-251-8738
Information Analyst Chris Alspaugh 404-251-8795
Transitional Year Residency/Assistant to Vice Chair Vacant
Medical Clerkship - Program Coordinator Pam Cohen 404-778-1655

Chief Residents

Emory University Hospital
Jenna Kay, MD

Emory University Hospital Midtown
Kiran Valiani, MD

Grady Memorial Hospital
Roshan Patel, MD

Grady Memorial Hospital
Thi Gunter, MD

Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Song Li, MD

Ambulatory Chief Resident
Curtis Jamison, Jr., MD

For general questions regarding the Department of Medicine residency program, email