Vasculitis Clinic

The Emory Rheumatology Vasculitis program is a collaboration of a broad range of specialists in rheumatology, pathology, radiology, dermatology, otolaryngology, nephrology, pulmonary medicine and other disciplines which make us able to diagnose and treat this condition effectively.
Emory Rheumatologist Dr. Athan Tiliakos is the director of the program and is coordinating the clinical efforts of the vasculitis clinic.

Definition of Vasculitis

Inflammation of a blood vessel or blood vessels.

Diagnosing Vasculitis

The Vasculitides are considered to be rare conditions.  Diagnosis is based off of correlating various symptoms with laboratory and histologic data. Emory's approach to diagnosis comprises the following:

  • Visit with Vasculitis expert. At your first visit, you will meet with Athan Tiliakos, D.O. He will review your medical history, perform a physical examination and, educate you about the disease.
  • Laboratory tests.  Laboratory studies may be useful in helping to establish the diagnosis of a particular vasculitis.  Blood and urine studies provide valuable clues in determining the presence of inflammation.  In certain instances, auto-antibodies can be used to assist in diagnosis.  
  • Imaging tests. Imaging of the involved organ and in some cases other organs is usually one of the steps in diagnosis
  • Review of pathology specimen.  

Treating Vasculitis

Once a diagnosis of Vasculitis has been established, the patient and physician will meet to discuss the various treatment options and to develop the most appropriate treatment plan.  Treatment plans will take into account the patient’s clinical factors, preferences and up-to-date research presented in the medical literature.

Clinic Location and Appointment Number

Emory Rheumatology Clinic

1365 Clifton Road
Building A, 4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30322