Use of evidence-based order sets 

We are committed to practicing medicine based on the best available evidence.  Condition-specific order sets in our electronic records provide decision support based on evidence, and we have an opportunity to increase the frequency of use of those order sets.  We have set a modest goal of increasing order set use for patients discharged with AMI, HF, COPD, Pneumonia and Sepsis to 45% when averaged over the 12 months ending August 2015.

Blood pressure control for hypertensive patients

This GPRO measure for TEC patients with hypertension reflects the degree to which blood pressure is controlled on the most recent outpatient visit.  Improvement is good for our patients and is a component of the CMS Value-Based Purchasing program.  Improvement will require more accurate measurement by office staff, action by physicians, and innovative follow up approaches.

Other areas of focus include:

  • Improving hand hygiene practices
  • Increasing the number of patients discharged from hospital in the morning
  • Improving patient experience.