David Rimland, MD

Emeritus Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine


Clinical Service Contributions

  • Attending Physician on Medicine and Infectious Diseases, VAMC
  • Director, HIV Program, VAMC Atlanta

Formal Teaching

  • Regular lecturer in Microbiology, Biochemistry
  • Regular lecturer to 3rd year medical students, 4th year medical students, housestaff
  • Presentations for Medical Grand Rounds, Infectious Disease Seminars, Infectious Disease Cases of the Week and numerous others
  • Director and regular lecturer for Infectious Disease elective for 4th year medical students
  • Co-director for Problem-Based Learning Course for 1st and 2nd year medical students


Early in his career Dr. Rimland's research centered on host defenses in alcoholics and the epidemiology of nosocomial infections. More recently, Dr. Rimland focused on the epidemiology and treatment of opportunistic infections in AIDS and the use of antiretroviral therapy.