How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help advance the programs at the Emory University Department of Medicine. When you invest in Emory's Department of Medicine you are providing funding to help develop cures that could eventually cure diseases or to educate the future physicians of the world.

Emory University’s Department of Medicine excels in the areas of education, clinical care, and research. Our distinction in these areas is exemplified through our residency and fellowship rankings; regional, national and international academic recognitions; clinical reputation and research standing. The unparalleled caliber of our exceptional faculty makes Emory University Department of Medicine one of the top in the nation. 

You can help advance the future of care by donating to advance research, education and clinical care at Emory.

Research Goals

Collaborate to enable discovery, translate knowledge, and advance patient care.

• Support innovation, integration, and translation of basic discoveries into clinical care and health care delivery.
• Enable future discovery by enriching the scientific and administrative platforms for basic and clinical research.
• Streamline research administrative procedures.
• Advocate and facilitate the adoption of an effective, user-friendly, and integrated IT infrastructure.

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Training and Education Goals

Collaborate to transform medical education and lead the efforts to redefine residency training.

• Develop and implement creative and consistent approaches to medical education.
• Streamline educational administrative procedures.
• Provide development opportunities for educational skill building.
• Develop training programs to improve patient-centered professionalism in all trainees.

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Clinical Care Goals

Define, though inquiry, optimal standards of clinical care as well as dissemination mechanisms.

• Develop and implement quality programs in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
• Disseminate innovative discoveries and best practice models throughout the medical community and society.
• Improve service though operation efficiency and resource optimization.
• Create a sustainable model for inpatient care with mechanisms for subspecialty involvement at both inpatient and outpatient transitions.