Research Training

During the Emory Sleep Medicine fellowship research experience, fellows attend their continuity outpatient clinics at Emory Healthcare, the Atlanta VA Medical Center, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, as well as educational conferences. However, they have no other clinical responsibilities and have no on-call duties.

All fellows are encouraged to meet with a variety of potential research mentors during their clinical rotations. Although it is strongly encouraged that fellows choose a member of the Emory Sleep Center faculty as their primary mentor, in specific cases a fellow may work with a mentor from outside the Division, particularly if that mentor has a collaborative relationship already established with one or more of our faculty.

The primary goal of the research experience is for the fellow to develop the intellectual skills to perform scholarly clinical research. Fellows may choose to develop an original research project under the guidance of their mentor, thereby learning how to analyze data, prepare and deliver scientific presentations, and write and publish original scientific manuscripts.

Other academic pursuits may include writing a review paper, book chapter or case report; performing a meta-analysis; collaborate on ongoing studies; or reviewing sleep center or other databases and performing retrospective reviews.

Each fellow will be expected at a minimum to complete one of these tasks during their fellowship. Sleep-related research projects are numerous at Emory, and many of the faculty in the center have their own ongoing research projects. Any research project will be mentored by one of the Emory Sleep Center senior faculty.