Ghosn Lab

What we do: We study the development and function of the mammalian immune system at a single-cell level. Our goal is to understand the differences between the immune cells that develop preferentially in infants versus adults, and determine the functional impact of these differences in promoting host immunity or immunopathology. Our studies employ and drive the frontiers of high-dimensional (18+ parameter) flow cytometry technologies to isolate, characterize, and transplant single immune and stem cells from both fetal, neonatal and adult tissues.

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What we want: Our studies, in both mice and humans, will provide new insights into the development and function of the human immune system in infants and adults and inform the development of new vaccines that are targeted to either children or adults. In addition, the results from our studies will shed light on the mechanisms that lead to autoimmunity and other hematological disorders (leukemia/lymphoma, immunodeficiency, etc.) that are predominant at different developmental ages.


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We are located in Emory University's new Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB - 1760 Haygood Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30322), 2nd floor, Room E240. Our laboratory is located in HSRB, Room E269. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ghosn at or (404) 712-3211.