Dr. Jenks grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin, where he attended Ripon College from 1990-1994.  During his undergraduate course work he became very interested in the complexity and interconnectedness of the immune system and decided to pursue a doctoral degree in immunology. During his doctoral work at the University of Chicago he studied with Dr. Jim Miller and demonstrated that T cell costimulatory signals can influence Th2 differentiation.
After receiving his Ph.D. he did post-doctoral studies in antigen processing and immune-dominance in the laboratory of Dr. Andrea Sant at the University of Rochester. In 2005 he joined the laboratory of Dr. Iñaki Sanz where he transitioned from studying mouse models of immunity to studying human disease directly, a change that has been both challenging and rewarding. In 2012 Dr. Sanz relocated his laboratory to Emory University and Dr. Jenks chose to join him and presently holds an academic appointment as Instructor of Medicine.
Dr. Jenk's research is focused on human B cell biology in relation to auto-immune disease. He is excited that recently developed techniques are now making it possible to understand the complexity that has fascinated him throughout his studies.
He also enjoys reading history and science fiction, playing board games, and writing poetry and has been published in 4X8, a poetry anthology published by Writers and Books, Rochester, NY.