Internal Visiting Professorship Program

    The Internal Visiting Professorship Program offers Department of Medicine faculty an opportunity to spend a day in a division other than that of their primary appointment to exchange ideas and knowledge, ultimately building both collaboration and collegiality. The visiting faculty member meets investigators of the host division and gives a research seminar at one conference of the host division. The length of the visit and the format are intended to be as flexible as possible. Division Directors are encouraged to invite 2-4 internal visiting professors per year, and to set this level of participation as a divisional goal. Alternatively, faculty members interested in participating in this program may select a host division and contact the conference organizer directly.

    Mark Nanes, MD, PhD

    I was honored to be invited to the Renal Division as a visiting professor.  The visiting professorship program gave me an opportunity to share research interests with my renal colleagues in depth.  The program offered an opportunity to enhance collaboration, discuss faculty development, and to consider novel approaches to clinical care."

    - Mark Nanes, MD, PhD, IVPP participant

    Incentives for faculty participation include:

    1. Recognition of this scholarly achievement by listing in faculty member's annual Career Conference and Performance Review and CV
    2. Acknowledgement at Department of Medicine's Celebratory Grand Rounds (held annually in June)
    3. Acknowledgement of participation by the department's Promotion and Tenure Subcommittee at the time of proposed senior promotion

    For more information or to request to participate in this program, please email