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How to Find a Journal Article

  • If you want a hard copy, search in DiscoverE. If the library does not have the journal you need, you can request it from interlibrary loan or an electronic copy via Illiad (login with your Emory ID and then click "copy of article" on the left). If the journal you need says it is in "storage," you can request the item from the WHSC library and they will notify you when it is ready.
  • If you want an electronic copy of a journal article:
    Go to eJournals and search for the name of the journal. If the name of the journal you need is available, a link will appear. Click on the link to see what options are available for finding the article electronically. If your journal is not listed, or if Emory does not currently have access to it, you may request it via Illiad (login with your Emory ID and then click "copy of article" on the left). 

Workshops and Training

Library Resources

  • Essentials  - has links to Emory's instance of PubMed and links to databases and point-of-care tools the Emory Libraries subscribe to.
  • Writing and Publishingcontains information on reference management software, quality indicators to access publication quality and reserach impact, and information on finding grants and funding.
  • Software - licensed by Emory to help with your research (e.g., Biobase, Nextbio)
  • Endnote bibliographic software - download it here with your Emory login and if you need support or training, click here.
  • Ask a Librarian: ask a question to a WHSC librarian. Requests are usually answered within one business day.
  • LibX - very useful browser plugin! Gives you direct access to Emory's libraries from your browser.

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