Additional Information: Scientific Communications

Below are resources for quality improvement research and scholarship, information about science & scientific writing, how to properly or correctly cite the Department of Medicine in publications and journals, oral and poster templates including PowerPoint presentation resources with the Emory logo as well as other logo options, and descriptions of the various types of publications to help you choose which one will help you most in your promotion and academic career endeavors.

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Quality Improvement Scholarship Resources

Online Resources

Journals interested in QI submissions

  • Journal of Hospital Medicine
  • The Joint Commission Journal on Quality & Safety
  • Quality & Safety in Healthcare
  • Journal of Patient Safety
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine 
  • HealthLeaders
  • Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Federal Practitioner (for VA projects)
  • American Journal on Medical Quality

Grants and funding 

Presentation /event opportunities

National organizations and meetings


Regulatory requirements

To determine whether your quality proposal requires IRB approval, please visit this page. Investigators at the VA should contact Daniel Roysden, PhD

Questions? Please email

Successful Scientific Writing for Public Health Professionals - GH592

The Successful Scientific Writing for Public Health Professionals course is available to Emory Department of Medicine Faculty. If not seeking a degree, you must register as a Special Standing student.


This course takes an active, participatory approach to learn how to communicate the findings of research and investigations more effectively and expedite publication of manuscripts. With approximately 14 contact hours of in-class instruction, problem solving, and practical application, it is conducted in weekly, 2-hour sessions over the course of a 7-week half semester.

Working in small groups, students spend much of their class time critiquing actual published and unpublished manuscripts, including their own, and solving a wide range of exercises that exemplify the real-world challenges that authors face. 

Free-form, in-class discussions make it possible for class members to learn from one another’s experiences. Students bring to class a draft thesis, study data, or a draft manuscript in development. They will be required to turn this material into a manuscript ready for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. 

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading.


Please contact Robbie Michaux for more information. Course descriptions can be found on the RSPH Global Health Department website.


Author Affiliation

The Emory Department of Medicine places strong emphasis on its broad and innovative research programs. Because publications are an integral part of research and in order to track departmental impact, we must ensure we are citing our affiliations correctly and consistently. We therefore request that you please include all three of the following criteria when citing your author affiliation in publications:

  1. Emory University
  2. Department of Medicine
  3. Your Division
For example: Emory Univ, Dept Med, Div Cardiol, Atlanta, GA.

We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Please contact the DOM Office of Research at with questions.

Oral and Poster Presentation Resources


• Poster Presentation (48x72 in) - Emory Department of Medicine 4x6 feet poster presentation template
• Poster Presentation 
(36x60 in) - Emory Department of Medicine 3x5 feet poster presentation template
Logo options: Emory, Healthcare, VA, Grady and GA Tech. There should be at least one person for each institutional affiliation in the list of authors.
Oral Presentation PowerPoint template (10-15 min)

Where to Get Your Poster Printed

Additional Resources

• "How to Give a 10 Minute Presentation"
Powerpoint talk by Peter Wilson 

• "Making a Great Powerpoint Presentation"
Adapted from talks by Kim Manning and Nat Flacker 

• How to give research presentations for non-native English speakers (book)

Need Guidance for Your Oral or Poster Presentation?

Sign up for a free one-on-one consultation with an experienced DOM faculty member through the Emory faculty Consult Program.


The templates available on this site have been approved for use by the appropriate communications and marketing staff. If you need to use any or all of the logos in other types of publications – either online, in print or both – please request use through the following contacts to ensure they fulfill branding standards and licensing agreements.

Emory University
University logos website (includes branding guidelines) - Contact Stanis Kodman with any questions.
Department of Medicine and division logos - contact Jill Wu with any questions.

Emory Healthcare
Contact Mark Swilley for use of the Emory Healthcare logo.

Atlanta VA Medical Center
Contact Robin Brown in Public Affairs at 404-321-6111, ext. 5155.

Georgia Tech
Contact Steve Bollinger at

Contact Leigh Reece at

Types of Publications

Original Research Article

This type of paper describes the results of either clinical studies or basic science experiments. It undergoes an extensive peer review process before being accepted for publication.


It may be invited or submitted and provides an up-to-date perspective on a specific topic. It may be peer-reviewed.


This is generally an invited paper and provides an expert’s perspective about the importance of another article that may or may not be published simultaneously.

Case Report

This is a description of a single novel clinical case. The findings may represent a novel presentation, diagnostic test, or therapy. It is usually short and focused. It may undergo peer-review.


These papers are generally less extensive than other publications, do not appear in print, and may/may not undergo peer-review.


A collection of articles or chapters on a specific topic or area. One serves as an editor of the work by soliciting contributions from other authors or serves as a principal author of the work.

Book Chapter

This is a review of a specific type of disease or biological process. It is generally a comprehensive work that is published along with other reviews on related topics or themes.

Symposium Proceeding

A written summary of a talk or poster presentation at a symposium or meeting. It is typically combined with other similar articles into a single issue of a journal, etc.