Resource Sharing Listserv

The Emory Department of Medicine Office of Research offers researchers the opportunity to contact a listserv of about 600 researchers to help Emory Department of Medicine researchers share resources.

Research Sharing Who can request to have a message distributed?

Any researcher in the Department of Medicine is welcome to request that a message be sent on his or her behalf to about 600 researchers within the department. Email us to request to send a message.

Why would you use this listerv?

Example scenarios for which you may want to request that we send a message on your behalf include: you just ran out of a common reagent that you needed for an experiment; you just need two of a certain supply and the minimum order is 1000; you want to borrow a certain piece of equipment for an hour; or you're looking for a specific genetically-altered mouse and are wondering whether a colony exists within the department.


Contact us at Let us know what your need is and we will be happy to distribute the request on your behalf.