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Emory offers a variety of opportunitiies to collaborate with other Emory researchers.  Please review the information below and let us know if you have questions

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Department of Medicine Core Facilities

Microscopy in Medicine (MiM) Core
PI: Lula Hilenski, PhD
Features: Confocal microscopes, wide field fluorescence and brightfield microscopes, image processing and analysis software, Adobe graphics software, and histology.
Cost: cost for using the Zeiss and Leica confocal microscopes is based upon a percentage of the yearly service contracts depending upon usage.

Metabolomics Core
PI: Dean Jones, PhD
Features: mass spectrometry, metabolic profiling, reproducible analysis of >10,000 metabolites per sample, data normalization procedures (usually not needed)
Cost: $125/sample for analysis in triplicate. Because of the information-rich nature of the metabolomics data, studies typically have 20 or more samples.  

Emory University School of Medicine Core Labs

University Cores (PDF)


For more information about biorepositories at Emory, please visit this page.