Research Offices

Department of Medicine (DOM) Research Offices

Office Contact Director Brief Description Responsible For...
Office of Research Contact email Kathy Griendling, PhD
Vice Chair, Resesarch
Mission of the DOM Office of Research: "Encourage, support and enhance the research endeavors of faculty, staff and trainees in order to facilitate the departmental vision of becoming a nationally-recognized premier research unit." Helping create, implement and raise awareness of research resources and programs

Research Administrative Service (RAS) Team

Pre-award &
Nancy Jenkins,
The DOM RAS team leverages its combined knowledge and experience to support DOM and Department of Family & Preventive Medicine investigators with pre- and post-award research administration services.

School of Medicine Research Offices


Contact Director Brief Description Responsible For...

Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives 

Kelly Shaw Fadlo Khuri, MD
Executive Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Affairs
Office of Business & Finance Tracey
Sharen Olson,
Associate Dean, Fiscal Affairs
The Office of Fiscal Affairs supports the core purpose and vision of the School of Medicine by providing stewardship and fiscal oversight for all departments, centers, and administrative units within the School. School of Medicine finances and budget

Emory University-Level Offices (view org chart)




Brief Description

Responsible For...

Conflict of Interest
Office email Brenda Seiton,
Assistant VP
Emory's Conflict of Interest Office Managing Conflicts of Interest; eCOI
Controller's Office Belva White,
Associate VP of Finance & Controller
Charged with ensuring that the financials of the University are accurately produced in a timely manner. Participant Stipend Funds

Division of Animal Research (DAR)

Michael J. Huerkamp,
The DAR is an integrated team of animal care specialists, administrative professionals, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, logistics deliverers, and information technology experts DAR is dedicated to the high quality and comprehensive care of research animals. FAQ
Emory Medical Lab
Mary Beth Allen,
EML clinical laboratory provides diagnositc laboratory testing services. It serves as a fully-certified reference laboratory and provides specialized, esoteric testing and consultative expertise. Patient medical lab results and billing
Health & Safety
Contact Info Patty Olinger,
EHSO is responsible for developing, maintaining, and implementing EHS programs to control occupational exposures and to oversee the implementation of mandated laws, regulations, and guidelines. Lab safety; shipping safety & training
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Contact email Larry Iten,
IACUC is an oversight committee for research involving animals. Ensuring the proper care, use, and humane treatment of animals used in research, testing, and education
Review Board
Office email Rebecca Rousselle, 
Facilitates ethically responsible human subjects research by assuring the rights and welfare of study participants. Patient safety, consent forms, eIRB
Drug Service
Office email Susan Rogers,
Lead Pharmacist
Since January 1, 2008, University policy has required that investigators who conduct drug studies use IDS for the management and dispensing of research drugs. Patient medication
Office of Clinical
Robin Ginn,
Executive Director
OCR ensures leading-edge, efficient clinical research, yielding improved patient care and outcomes. Medicare coverage analysis, budgets, patient informed consents into EMR
Office of Grants and
Office email Evelyn Balabis OGCA provides post-award support and guidance to faculty and staff for all sponsored program activities. Payments, closeouts, labor & effort reporting systems, Compass budgets
Office of Research
Office email David Wynes,
Vice President
Supports Emory's research enterprise throughout the investigative process.
Office of Research
Administration -
Office email Wil Brown,
Collaborates with the Research Administration units to utilize technology to its greatest benefit thereby assisting them in the fulfillment of their missions.
Office of Research
Office email Kris West,
Associate VP
Provides regulatory education, guidance, policy development and implementation, and a range of other areas of support. Compliance
Office of Sponsored
Office email Kerry Peluso,
Associate VP
Offers services such as identifying funding opportunities, proposal development & processing, award administration, project requirements, and project closeout. eNOA, JIT, last approver in EPEX, negociate CT agreements, review proposals
Office of Technology
Office email Todd Sherer,
Associate VP
Supports the University's mission through comprehensive management of Emory innovations to maximize the benefit to the University and to humanity. Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) including Mouse Models - incoming and outgoing; start-up companies; patents
Research Administration Services (RAS) Office email Denise Ehlen,
Interim Executive Director, RAS Units Director, Operations/Projects
Supports Emory’s research goals through providing best-in-class delivery of research administration support services to Principal Investigators, departments, and the University.