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Abinash Mistry, PhD








    Urea transport in the renal inner medulla is important for the conservation of body water due to its role in the urine concentrating mechanism. Urea is transported by facilitated and by active urea transporter processes. My research is directed to understanding the physiology of the renal inner medulla and the urine concentrating mechanism. I am currently working on the urea transporter (UT-A1) and aquaporin 2 (AQP2) trafficking mechanisms. We are now studying the effect of aortic infusion and injection of drugs and hormones in rat model, which directly influence the renal urea transport processes. My Research areas being addressed include:

1)   Long-term regulation of urea transport proteins in rat models of human diseases, such as diabetes;

2)   Trafficking mechanisms by which UT-A1 is delivered to the plasma membrane;

3)   Regulation of urea transporter genes. In order to identify the active urea transport responsible factors in low-protein diet or vitamin-D treated rats, a suppression subtractive hybridization method and cDNA microarrays were employed to isolate regulatory genes. We analyses their functional activity test in the Xenopus oocytes and MDCK1 cells.

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