Xiaonan Wang, MD, MS

Associate Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Office: WMB 338C

Phone: 404-727-1798

Fax: 404-727-3425

Email: xwang03@emory.edu


Dr. Xiaonan Wang received her MS in biochemistry from Peking Union Medical College, China and her MD from China Medical University. After receiving her MD, she accepted a position as an attending physician at the PUMC Hospital in China. In 1997, Dr. Wang joined the Division of Renal Medicine at Emory University as an instructor, and in May of 2001, she was named an assistant professor of medicine.

The objective of Dr. Wang's research is to identify molecular and biochemical mechanisms that lead to protein malnutrition in catabolic diseases related to insulin resistance, such as chronic renal disease and diabetes. She uses transgenic mice and cell culture systems to test her hypotheses. Currently, she is exploring the use of gene therapy (using lentiviruses to deliver target genes) to treat muscle protein loss in insulin-deficient diabetic animals.


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