Bashar Staitieh, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine


Bashar was born in Greensboro, NC and grew up in Kansas before returning to North Carolina for undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There, in an effort to hone his medical skills, he majored in English Literature and graduated with honors and distinction after writing his thesis on alliteration in the work of Philip Larkin. He then attended medical school at the University of Kansas before heading to New England and Brown University's Categorical Internal Medicine Program. There, he served as Chief Resident before moving to Atlanta, where he caught the research bug as a second-year fellow in the lab of Dr. David Guidot. After a four year and two-month long fellowship, he joined the Emory pulmonary faculty in 2015 at the tender age of PGY-9.

Dr. Bashar currently works in Dr. Guidot's laboratory on oxidative stress and innate immune function in the alveolar macrophage. During his fellowship, he developed an interest in the effects of HIV on the lung and, with the help of the Infectious Diseases faculty, he started a clinic for patients with HIV-related pulmonary diseases at the Ponce de Leon Center. He attends on the medical ICU service at Emory University Hospital Midtown and the pulmonary consult service at Grady Memorial Hospital.