Shuzhao Li, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Emory University Department of Medicine

Associate Director of Clinical Biomarkers Laboratory

Emory University Department of Medicine


Dr. Li started as a chemical engineering major at Sichuan University, China. Drawn to the big data revolution of biomedicine, he obtained his Ph.D in bioinformatics and toxicogenomics at University of Southern Mississippi in 2009. He joined the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine as Assistant Professor in 2014. He also works as Associate Director of the Clinical Biomarkers Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Emory University

Dr. Li has been combining computational developments with metabolomics and systems biology. His mummichog software brought genome-scale metabolic models into the field of high throughput metabolomics, and enabled pathway/network analysis for untargeted metabolomics. He has also led large-scale data integration and network modeling in the field of human immunology. His research focuses on omics data analysis and integration, and applies quantitative and systems modeling to personalized and precision medicine.