Andre Holder, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine


Dr. Holder completed his undergraduate education at Cornell University. He completed his medical school education and a combined residency in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine at the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn (SUNY Downstate), obtaining his MD in 2004 and completing residency in 2009. After his residency, he practiced emergency medicine at Jacobi Medical Center, and completed his Masters of Science in Clinical Research Methodology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY. He subsequently did a clinical fellowship in Critical Care Medicine and an NIH T32 research fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh from 2011-2014, working in their cardiopulmonary lab group under the mentorship of Drs. Michael Pinsky and Gilles Clermont. Upon completion of his fellowships, he was recruited by Dr. Guidot to join Emory faculty as an Assistant Professor. His clinical practice is exclusively at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Holder’s research thus far has focused on understanding the progression of inflammatory diseases that cause critical illness, with a specific emphasis on sepsis pathophysiology. He is interested in employing advanced data-driven techniques such as nonlinear prediction modeling and machine learning approaches to predict the trajectory of complex syndromes like sepsis. Dr. Holder studies whether temporal trends in physiologic and laboratory biomarkers, and complex measures of physiologic variability can improve prediction of clinical deterioration in sepsis.

He is mentored by a multidisciplinary team which includes Drs. Greg Martin, Gari Clifford (Department of Biomedical Informatics), James Blum (Department of Anesthesia), and Timothy Buchman (Department of Surgery).