Young-Mi Go Kang, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Office: Whitehead Bldg 225

Phone: 404-727-5984

Fax: 404-712-2974



Dr. Go studied Biology for undergraduate at Korea University, Seoul, Korea.  She moved to the United States for her graduate study program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed a PhD in Pathology in May 2000.  She moved to Atlanta, GA in 2001and completed postdoctoral training in Biochemistry at Emory University.  She then joined a faculty member in the Department of Medicine, and became Assistant Professor in 2009 and Associated Professor in 2017. 

Dr. Go’s research career has focused on identifying redox signaling and control mechanisms associated with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases in response to environmental stressors.   Her research aims to understand the redox communication between subcellular compartments that impact critical mechanisms of oxidative stress-associated disease initiation and progression specifically using integrative omics analysis-based systems biology.   This strategy uses redox proteomic, metabolomic and transcriptomic methods to study communications between subcellular compartments that impact oxidative stress-associated redox signaling in pathologic conditions.   Using this strategy, her studies are able to identify central hubs and networks of redox-sensitive proteins and metabolites, transcripts, and determine further interaction to pathologic outcome features.  Her research interests are categorized by 4 major studies, including 1) Identification of redox mechanisms of inflammatory signaling by oxidation of extracellular redox potential in vascular pathology model, 2) Integrative omics and systems biology affected by environmental stressors, 3) Investigation of subcellular compartmental redox signaling, and 4) Oxidative stress signaling network by redox ICAT/mass spectrometry-based redox proteomics.  She has over 70 peer-reviewed publications including original research articles, reviews and book chapters.  A complete list of published work can be found in direct URL: “ kang.1/collections/52000406/public/”.