Resident Research (PRIME)

The PRIME (Program for Research Involvement and Mentorship at Emory) program was founded  to make the process of conducting research during residency easier, more educational, and ultimately more productive.  The program is designed to improve the research experience for Emory Internal Medicine residents.  The main components of the program are:

Faculty Mentorship

Interested in doing research in residency? Join the PRIME program, and we will connect you with an enthusiastic PRIME advisor in your specialty of interest. This faculty member will meet with you, learn about your research and career goals, and connect you with the best faculty members to work within your division.

Peer Mentorship

While faculty mentorship is crucial to a resident’s success, sometimes there are certain questions and issues that can only be adequately handled by other residents who have dealt with those same struggles. If you sign up for PRIME, you will be paired with an experienced PGY-3 peer mentor in your area of interest who can help to guide you through the struggles of conducting research, applying for fellowship, and more!

Lecture Series

Emory is fortunate to have a wealth of incredible researchers, and the PRIME Lecture Series allows them to share their knowledge with all of the residents through brief, high-yield lectures throughout the year.  Rather than lengthy, impractical lectures, the PRIME Lecture Series features 10-15 minute talks on the most important aspects of research to residents.  

Research Resources Database

The PRIME program houses an online database that collates the important research resources necessary for residents.  In this database can be found Poster and PPT templates, important conference dates and abstract deadlines, statistical resources, IRB application support, advice on publishing manuscripts, and much, much more. 

Important Conference Dates

Please review all the important conference dates by specialty area and plan to attend the ones that are most interesting to your future career.

Residency Scholarship

Our residents also present at multiple venues at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Locally, residents have the opportunity to submit original work to annual forums and receive feedback from experts in the field. 

Resident Research

Emory internal medicine residents are actively engaged in research and scholarly projects throughout their time with the program. Each year, residents publish in some of the most prestigious journals across the full spectrum of internal medicine. Additionally, Emory maintains an impressive presence at local, regional, and national conferences both in general internal medicine and medical subspecialties. 

Enroll today!  If you’re an Emory Internal Medicine resident, contact Andrew McCue and we’ll get you signed up!