Tami Fisk Fund

About Tamara "Tami" Fisk, MD

Tami continues to be an inspiration to the Division of Infectious Diseases and to all those who knew her. Tami knew she wanted to work overseas as a doctor from the time she was 10, and never lost sight of that goal. She grew up in Denver, but fulfilled her childhood dream to help those less fortunate on the other side of the world. She worked to improve the lives of patients in Zambia, China, and Thailand as well as in the United States. Dr. Fisk graduated medical school summa cum laude at Emory and completed a Med/Peds residency at the Rochester Medical Center in NY. Dr. Fisk returned to the US in 1998 for an Infectious Diseases fellowship at Emory. A few months later, she was diagnosed with melanoma. Despite undergoing multiple chemotherapy regimens, Tami continued her training and research. After only a few months, she went into remission and remained so for several years. Fisk spent half of each year in Thailand researching emerging infectious diseases, including AIDS, febrile illness, as well as SARS during the outbreak. She spent the other half in year in Atlanta as an assistant professor at the Emory School of Medicine. 

Unfortunately, the cancer returned and eventually took her from us. Even as she suffered in illness, Tami continued to reach out to help and heal those around her. Read Tami's poem.

Tami's Work Continues to Inspire Many

Tami's work in Thailand studying febrile illnesses lead to the discovery of a new organism, Bartonella tamiae, named in honor of her. This work was published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

The Fisk Family and MSI Professional Services have developed the Dr. Tami Fisk Scholarship for medically-trained individuals exploring and/or beginning medical service in China.

The CMDA, an organization that Tami had worked with for several years, established the Tami Fisk Mission Travel Grant Fund to fund travel grants for individuals beginning medical service in East Asia.

In 2005, the Emory Division of Infectious Diseases established The Emory University School of Medicine Tami Fisk Global Health Fund in recognition of Tami's international research ideals.

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