Paulina A Rebolledo Esteinou, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine


Dr. Rebolledo is an assistant professor with dual appointments in the School of Medicine (Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease) and the School of Public Health (Department of Global Health). Her research focuses on the changing epidemiology of enteric pathogens among infants following rotavirus (RV) vaccine introduction in low-middle income countries such as Bolivia. In particular, she is interested in quantifying the relative contribution of early-life under-nutrition and other environmental factors on RV-vaccine immune dynamics and in using mathematical approaches to estimate the duration of population-level immunity. Dr. Rebolledo also has a strong interest in identifying barriers of under-immunization among bi-national Hispanic families living in the United States, and in achieving appropriate use of microbiologic tests (i.e. “diagnostic stewardship”) through intervention-based medical education.