Carlos (Alberto) Moreno, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine


Malaria Vaccine Development

  • Identification and characterization of Plasmodium universal T cell epitopes
  • Design and testing polypeptide vaccine chimeras based on subunits.
  • Conduct preclinical vaccine trials using rodent and simian experimental models.
  • Identify effector mechanisms involved in protection to malaria that can be used as predictors of vaccine efficacy in clinical trials.
  • Cross-sectional studies in endemic areas of malaria aimed to identify the prevalence of immune response to selected malaria vaccine candidates.

Physiopathology of Severe Malaria

  • Identify molecular mechanism involved in the pathogenesis of severe anemia using simian plasmodium models.
  • Characterize erythroid progenitors derived from malaria infected animal models.
  • Design and testing intervention measures to improve the clinical outcome of severe malaria.