David P. Holland, MD, MHS

Associate Professor of Medicine

Emory University Department of Medicine


Dr. Holland is an Assistant Professor at Emory in the School of Medicine (Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases). His research aims at improving the efficiency of clinical trials. His previous projects have focused on the use of decision analysis in the planning phase of clinical trials in an effort to identify the most economically viable potential regimens prior to conducting large-scale studies. In particular, he collaborated with scientists and economists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on cost-effectiveness analyses that have informed current guidelines for the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection and identified areas for future research that are of high value to current policymakers. Currently, he is working on projects that use alternative analytic techniques, primarily Bayesian designs, to improve the efficiency of clinical trials, both in terms of time and money. His clinical interests include treatment and prevention of tuberculosis and HIV infection (including pre-exposure prophylaxis).