Geriatric Research

Emory’s Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology faculty are engaged in research aimed at optimizing health care for older adults through translational science (from bench to bedside and from bedside to the broader community).   Our approach to scientific inquiry starts with an interdisciplinary vision aimed at speeding the discovery of innovative solutions through team science.  We welcome new collaborations and invite inquiry about partnerships with ongoing projects.  

For a more complete list of clinical trials being conducted at Emory please visit the Emory Healthcare Clinical Trials database.

Research Spotlight

Caregiving for Geriatric Patients

Discovery related to Dementia


Living with Chronic Illness

Health Literacy & Communication

• Tele-Health and Tele-Wellness - Patricia Griffiths, PhDTheodore Johnson II, MD, MPHCamille Vaughan, MD, MS
• Health literacy, Katharina Echt, PhD
Medical decision making and prognosis,Theodore Johnson II, MD, MPH
• Reducing Polypharmacy in Vulnerable EldersAnna Mirk, MD
• Care networks in Assisted Living, Molly Perkins, PhD, MA
• Medication Adherence Among Adults with Low Vision - Katharina Echt, PhD
• Developing a Research Participation Enhancement and Advocacy Training Program for Diverse Seniors (DREAMS) -Madeleine Hackney, PhD and Molly Perkins, PhD, MA
• Communication Strategies for Persons Living with Dementia - Patricia Griffiths, PhDKatharina Echt, PhD

Recent Geriatric Research Highlights

TLC in the ATL

Molly Perkins, PhD, MD is leading a multidisciplinary team of social scientists and clinical researchers to address critical knowledge gaps and identify best practices for end-of-life and palliative care in assisted living facilities and in long-term care more generally. As the population ages and moves into these care communities, research like this means that more people will have access to high-quality care tailored to the final stages of life. Full article.

“One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small”: Improving medication management for elderly veterans

An innovative project called “IMPROVE” (Integrated Management and Polypharmacy Review of Vulnerable Elders), represents patient-centered, evidence-based medicine doing what it does best – high-value, integrated patient care that improves health outcomes and reduces health care costs.  Full article

It Often Starts with a Fall

Emory research gerontologist Ann Vandenberg, PhD is working on solutions to a common accident that often begins a downward spiral in the health of older adults - falls. Her projects EQUiPPED and INFORMED are researching ways to assess risks, including inappropriate medications and environments hazards, and decrease falls. Full article