It's All About You - Tips to stay out of the hospital

As we get older, our bodies get weaker and are subject to illnesses. Acute illnesses along with hospitalizations are very critical times for older adults and are often complicated by debility, weakness, and illnesses acquired from being in the hospital.

The period surrounding discharge, when vulnerable seniors transition from the hospital to other sites of care, constitutes an even more critical period. Several studies have shown that the quality of care and patient safety are often compromised during this period because of high rates of medication errors, incomplete or inaccurate information transfer to patients and healthcare providers, and lack of appropriate follow-up care.

These factors result in 1 out of every 5 cases of hospitalized older adults being re-hospitalized, resulting in worsening illness and death. The factors that contribute to this may be due to healthcare system, healthcare provider and patient related factors and may be preventable.

Poor education and preparation of the patient and caregiver for the role they are to play in the in the hospital and at discharge has been identified as being a major contributor to poor outcomes after discharge.

Patient education has been found to improve patient and caregiver engagement and empowerment with ultimate improvement in self efficacy and self care and reduction in use of the healthcare system.

The goal of our program is to promote empowerment of patients and caregivers by implementing an educational program focused on empowering seniors with an understanding of their role during hospitalization and equipping them with self management skills necessary for promoting safety in the hospital and during transitions of care.

This program titled (“It’s All about You”) utilizes in person training, online and community resources, utilization of technology such as phone apps to empower seniors with skills for self care, to promote seniors from staying out of the hospital and doing well after hospital discharge. “It’s All about You” preemptively promotes participants’ role recognition and involvement in their care to promote safety in transitions of care.

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