Residency Training Program

Geriatrics for Emory Internal Medicine & Family Medicine Residents

The goal of Geriatric resident education mission is to prepare our residents with the skills they need to care for our older population with the dignity and respect that population deserves. Thus, the scope of training for our learners include not only "traditional" aspects of care, but also cover topics such as differentiation of "aging" versus "disease", pharmacology of aging, functional assessment, diagnosis and management of geriatric depression and dementia, management of specific geriatric syndromes such as falls and urinary incontinence, and working within the interdisciplinary geriatric team. Of course we also emphasize the Basics in Geriatrics (BIG) 10 Principles.

The Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology provides a one-month Geriatric Rotation for all Primary care and categorical Internal Medicine residents.  This usually takes place in the PGY2 or PGY 3 year.  This experience includes substantial time in our outpatient clinics.  Residents also have opportunities to explore important aspects of patient care including continence assessment, memory assessment, occupational therapy, palliative care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and wound care.  These experiences may take place at any of our clinical sites including Emory University Hospital Midtown, Emory Outpatient Clinics, Emory Wesley Woods Center, and the Atlanta VAMC campus.

Electives are also available for all Internal Medicine residents.

PGY 2 or 3 Family Medicine residents receive training at the Atlanta VAMC campus. The goals of these rotations are to teach the resident the principles of medical, functional, and psychosocial assessment and management of the elderly patient.

We welcome visiting residents for Geriatric Medicine electives. For more information, please contact Dr. Manuel  Eskildsen

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