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Department of Medicine

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Neil Shulman, MD is Assoc. Professor in the Dept of Medicine at Emory University Medical School. His career has covered a wide spectrum of activities, including conducting clinical research in hypertension funded at a level of about $8 million for the National Institutes of Health and publishing in this discipline. He also co-founded the International Society of Hypertension in Blacks and helped launch the journal Ethnicity & Disease and the Heart to Heart Program which brought children from developing countries to the United States for life-saving heart surgery.

Another pursuit of Neil’s has been focused on improving access to health care in underserved communities in the U.S.A. He helped recruit doctors and nurses to rural areas, while developing rural community clinics. He also authored the book Doc Hollywood, which was developed into a film starring Michael J. Fox. The objective in associate producing this film was to encourage youth to consider seeking a career in rural underserved communities.

Neil has also attempted to contribute to improving medical literacy by writing books on medical and health topics for kids and adults. His bookYour Body’s Red Light Warning Signals has been developed into a website so consumers can quickly access information relating to important symptoms ( He also co-authored a book which has been used to teach the basics of the history and physical exam to over 8000 undergraduates at Emory so they can be better consumers of health care.

His children’s book What’s in a Doctor’s Bag? has resulted in the development and distribution of health related television spots on public television in the U.S.A. and Canada. Neil has also written articles on the value of humor in improving communication and health. His “live” performances focus on humor and medical literacy, and are targeted toward kids, adults, and seniors. He also enjoys volunteering in performing comedy for fundraisers for Free Clinics and other charitable ventures. His overall activities are highlighted at

Neil has conducted research (about $8,000,000 in grants) for the National Institutes of Health in clinical hypertension, treatment, patient compliance, and cost barriers to hypertension control, as well as community high blood pressureeducation. He has also conducted research in anti-smoking education and hypertension education in primary schools. He has co-authored medical research papers: over fifty peer reviewed articles relating to hypertension covering a wide variety of topics including treatment, cardiovascular risk factors, patient compliance, etc.

Neil Shulman has rounded in general internal medicine and on the consultation service in Hypertension at Grady Memorial Hospital. He also followed patients in the renal clinic after completing a fellowship in Nephrology.

In recent years he has provided free consultation for low income uninsured employees working at Emory University and has been an active volunteer patient consultant and advocate for patients with complex medical problems within the Atlanta community. Neil has developed high-tech tools to assist patients in playing a more pro-active role in their medical care. This has included the development of videos, websites, and books.

Neil has rounded in internal medicine wards and the hypertension consult services at Grady Memorial Hospital. He has taught clinical methods to sophomore medical students, and the basics of the history and physical exam as well as symptomology to over 8000 freshmen college students and physicians assistant students. He has lectured to faculty, staff, and students in the area of “Humor as a Vehicle for Healthy Living” Neil has also been a guest lecturer for various faculty in the business school, religious studies dept, film studies, etc. where he has focused on various topics relating to creativity, innovative doctoring, and philanthropy. Neil has also lectured/performed for kids and seniors teaching the basics of medical literacy.

Neil has helped establish and raise funds for community health centers which serve the underserved in Georgia. He has provided live and video-taped performances for elementary schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Headstart programs, libraries, etc. to demystify medicine and improve medical literacy. He has initiated many special programs at Emory for various social causes: 1) Deans reading to kids from low-income communities. 2) Coordinating a Soccer For Peace event to get soccer equipment to Darfur, Sudan to promote good will between refugees and peace-keeping Forces. 3) Coordinating a WorldPlay event at Emory’s Campus to teach Atlanta kids about different cultures throughout the world by educating them about the toys these children invent with recycled material. 4) Co-founding the Rosalynn Carter Caregivers Event to salute low income care-givers throughout the country (1500 in attendance at Symphony Hall) 5) Helping to establish the Heart-to-Heart program to bring children from developing countries to the USA for heart surgery. 6) Co-Founding the Village Writers’ Group. 7) Providing a feature length movie which has been used as a fundraiser for medical missions in Atlanta and abroad. 8) Performing live entertaining programs to teach medicine for seniors and kids. 9) Helping to establish Second Wind Dreams, an international program to salute the elderly with the delivery of wishes. 10) Developing educational PosterBooks to reduce smoking among children and improve safe driving for teens (with Michael Jordan).


  • Spotless, Rx Humor (soft cover) 2004
  • The Great Face Off, Co-authored with Allison Anderson, Rx Humor (children’s anti-smoking educational coloring book) 2005


  • Healthy Transitions. A Women’s Guide to Pre-menopause. Menopause and Beyond, Prometheus (soft cover) 2004
  • Get Between the Covers, Co-authored with Eric Spencer, Authorhouse (soft cover) 2006

Movie Credits
Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J. Fox, major motion picture: Associate-Producer for Warner Brothers, based on the book What?... Dead Again? by Neil Shulman, 1991
The Backyard Tribe, major motion picture in development, Screenwriter for Walt Disney Studio, based on the book The Backyard Tribe by Neil Shulman, 1994
Who Nose?, Producer, Co-director, Co-writer, & Co-star, (feature independent film –Romantic Comedy) Wet Sock Productions 2006
Which Doctor, feature independent film based on the Backyard Tribe by Neil Shulman, Co-Executive Producer & Co-Screenwriter, currently in development

TV Credits
Take My Advice, Please, A series of humorous medical shorts, Actor and Writer, Aired on CNN, 1995
What’s in a Doctor’s Bag? Pilot for half-hour kids’ health show, Producer & Star, currently in development

Video Credits
What’s in a Doctor’s Bag?, 30-minute wacky show for kids that explains what the doctor does and the instruments the doctor uses, Producer, Director, & Star,1998

Living with High Blood Pressure, one hour video tape starring Arthur Ashe based on High Blood Pressure by Neil Shulman, E. Saunders and WD Hall, 1998

Finally I’m a Nice Jewish Doctor, based on the book Finally I’m a Doctor by Neil Shulman

Scientific Papers
Neil Shulman has co-authored medical research papers: over fifty peer reviewed articles relating to hypertension covering a wide variety of topics including treatment, cardiovascular risk factors, patient compliance, etc.