Stacie Schmidt, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine


Dr. Schmidt completed her undergraduate studies at Xavier University of Louisiana, where she obtained a BS in chemistry in 2003. She completed medical school at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA in 2007, and went on to train at the Emory J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program. Upon completion of her residency in 2010, she joined the Division of General Internal Medicine at Emory University as Clinical Instructor of Medicine.

Dr. Schmidt's interests include improving care delivery among underserved patients in a way that empowers them to self-manage chronic disease. She believes that effective care delivery requires patient-centered care that promotes self-efficacy, as well as enhanced communication between providers from various disciplines regarding the plan of care. She learns about effective multidisciplinary team functioning and collaborative care by participating in CME courses and dedicating hours of study towards improving team member dynamics, implementing patient self-management, and developing motivational interviewing skills. Although she applies these educational materials to patients within her own clinic, she is interested in determining whether these skills can be implemented on a broader scale at her institution, and whether such tactics improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Schmidt spends 25 hours per week delivering direct patient care and guiding residents as they care for their own clinic patients within the Grady Primary Care Center (PCC), an academic, safety net, hospital-based clinic accommodating approximately 70,000 visits a year, mostly to uninsured low-literacy patients with multiple chronic illnesses. In addition, she attends to acutely ill patients in need of hospital-level care throughout the year.

Currently, Dr.Schmidt facilitates group sessions for obese patients, whereby she uses motivational interviewing concepts and self management skills to help patients (1) establish goals for weight loss, (2) identify socio-environmental obstacles to achieving these goals,(3) develop problem-solving skills to overcome these obstacles, and (4) utilize community resources and support centers to achieve life-long maintenance of these goals.

Dr. Schmidt served as President of the Student National Medical Association during medical school. She is currently a member of the Society of General Internal Medicine.

Dr. Schmidt has conducted many lectures in various settings. She participated in the 2012 Emory Annual Board Review, as well as the Department of Medicine Grand Rounds. In addition, she is currently working collaboratively with colleagues to establish a Patient-Centered Medical Home Curriculum for residents of the Emory J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Program. Components of the curriculum include establishing an interdisciplinary clinic between residents and team members from other health professions, as well as group visits whereby residents learn and teach patient self management skills.

Research interests include improving patient self-efficacy and self-management skills among underserved and underrepresented individuals with chronic diseases in the ambulatory setting. Particular focus will be placed on implementing and evaluating these skills through the vehicle of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).