Erica Heiman, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine

Office: 49 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr., Atlanta GA 30303

Fax: 404-778-1601



Dr. Heiman is an asistant professor of medicine in the Department of Medicine, Division of General Medicine and Geriatrics. She is based at Grady Memorial Hospital where she oversees residents both in the hospital and in primary care clinics. Her research and clinical interests include integration of mental health care with primary and medical specialty care; musculoskeletal medicine; HIV epidemiology; and health of the Deaf community.

Dr. Heiman earned her MS in Health and Medical Sciences at UC Berkeley School of Public Health in 2010, and her MD from UC San Francisco School of Medicine in 2012. She completed her internship and residency at University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California in 2015 and worked for the Permanente Medical Group for a year before joining the Emory University School of Medicine faculty in 2016.


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Book Chapters

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