Faculty Development

Faculty Development in Primary Care

Under the leadership of William T Branch, MD, the Division of General Medicine and Geriatrics has had an intensive fellowship for primary care master educators on the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine for many years.  Enrollees in this program have been teachers and practitioners of general internal medicine to medical students and residents in the medically underserved community (MUC).  The major goal of the program is to prepare faculty to develop their professional and academic careers through teaching, scholarship and educational leadership roles. 

Educational strategies

This highly integrated, comprehensive curriculum is based on synergies between (a) weekly seminars and educational exercises to prepare the faculty to be master teachers,  (b) an intensive one-on-one mentoring program of each enrollee with a senior faculty member during his/her year in the project, and (c) hands-on learning of scholarship through participation of each group of enrollees in an educational and/or research group-project under mentorship by the senior faculty.   Many enrollees will also simultaneously participate in their own individual projects with mentors.  The curriculum provides participants with teaching strategies, adult learning theories, professional development, mentorship and curriculum design components that they need for growth as academicians.  As we teach components of the curriculum involving health promotion, disease prevention, management of chronic disease, health literacy, palliative care, ethics, health disparities, clinic management, and cultural competence, we utilize our own clinics and facilities as learning laboratories for teaching organizational and management skills.

General Medicine Faculty Development


To jump start development and individual success of academic faculty, the division takes considerable pride in selecting, onboarding and providing continued support for its faculty.  We have developed new onboarding checklists and protocols as well as standard welcome and recruitment packets that outline roles, responsibilities, and pathways to academic success.  In addition, each new faculty is scheduled to meet with an ambassador from the division, is assigned a welcome “buddy”, and is scheduled for a follow up meeting with the section chief within six months of arrival to discuss issues, interest, mentorship and early opportunities professional development.

Ongoing Faculty Development and Support 

In addition to the early career development, all faculty have ongoing opportunities for development in additional ways.

Division Faculty Development Series

These biweekly lunchtime sessions bring expert presenters from our own division as well as across the Emory community and beyond to discuss a variety of topics – from writing grants to developing a teaching portfolio. 

Faculty Review Committee

The purpose of this committee, started in 2014, is to review faculty profiles in order to identify opportunities for faculty development, reward, and recognition within the division and beyond.  This committee has compiled and maintains a database of training, development, and awards/recognitions for service, leadership, research, mentoring, education, and quality of relevance to General Medicine and/ or Geriatric Faculty.

Emory Department of Medicine Faculty Development Opportunities