Staff Awards & Recognition

2017 Department of Medicine Staff Award winners:

  • Leadership Excellence Award - Sandra Talley
  • "Unsung Hero" Award - Rita Frazier
  • Excellence in Innovation Award - Marcus Urquiaga
  • Outstanding Service Award - Alia Kamel

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Formal Staff Awards

Informal Recognition

Informal recognition is given to employees for achieving certain goals or for projects well accomplished.

Ideas and Suggestions:

  1. Write a letter/email of praise recognizingspecific contributions and accomplishments. Send a copy to senior management and add to the employee's personnel file.
  2. Allow employees to leave early or take a long lunch.
  3. If you have a department/division newsletter, publish a “kudos” column and ask for nominations throughout the department.
  4. Encourage and recognize staff who pursue continuing education.
  5. Establish a place to display memos, posters, photos, and so on to recognizing progress towards goals and thanking individual employees for their help.
  6. Send handwritten thank-you cards to employees who go the extra mile.
  7. Invite employees to workshops/seminars or plan a brown-bag lunch for your team
  8. Give Certificates of Appreciation or Recognition highlighting what they did.
  9. Have a pizza party for staff after completing a major project.
  10. Serve ice cream sundaes to all of your employees at the end of a project.
  11. Hold informal retreats to foster communication and set goals.
  12. Have weekly breakfasts with groups of employees.
  13. Bake/bring a gift (cookies, bread, etc.) for an outstanding employee or team.
  14. Treat an employee to lunch or coffee.
  15. Encourage and allow employees to attend university events.
  16. Plan a surprise achievement celebration for an employee or a group of employees.

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