Professional Development

Below are resources to help you develop in each of Emory University's competency areas.

Building Trust

HONEST: Behaves and expresses oneself in an open and honest manner. Is consistent in word and actions. Tells the truth even when it is difficult. Shares information accurately, completely and appropriately.

COMMITTED: Follows through on assignments and commitments. Supports Emory goals and initiatives. Adheres to all policies and procedures.

Delivering Results

PRODUCTIVITY: Strives to consistently achieve excellence in all tasks and goals. Maintains focus and perseveres in the face of obstacles. Uses time efficiently and responds quickly and constructively when confronted with challenges. Prioritizes tasks based on importance.

PERSONAL GROWTH: Ensures job knowledge and skills are current and valuable. Receptive to feedback.


RESPECT: Treats all people with dignity, respect and fairness. Resolves interpersonal conflicts constructively. Shares time, energy and knowledge with others to ensure they can succeed.

INCLUSIVENESS: Demonstrates awareness and respect of cultural and individual values. Appreciates and leverages the strengths of others to accomplish goals, regardless of background. Listens to ideas from others, even when different from own. Is careful to ensure all sides are heard before reaching a conclusion.


LISTENS AND SHARES: Provides regular, consistent, and meaningful information. Listens carefully to others and ensures message is understood. Ensures important matters are shared with all appropriate parties.

CLARITY: Communicates in a clear and concise manner. Uses appropriate grammar, pronunciation and tone to enhance understanding. Demonstrates professionalism through body language, including eye-contact and posture. Tailors communication style to needs of the recipient.

Functional Knowledge and Skills

DEMONSTRATES COMPETENCE within areas relevant to one’s own function or work group.

APPLIES CURRENT BEST PRACTICE in discipline or specialty area towards group and organization goals. Keeps abreast of major developments in discipline or specialty area.

GAINS RESPECT from customers and team members based on functional/technical knowledge.

Professional Development Training Videos

Video 1: Delegating Tasks 

Video 2: Policy Spotlight: Progressive Discipline

Video 3: Providing Feedback

Video 4: Communicating Expectations to Your Team

Find more resources through Emory's Learning and Organizational Development office.