Consult Program

Consult ProgramThis innovative program provides a centralized resource for faculty to request development assistance in five distinct areas: presentations, grant preparation, early career assistance, teaching advisement and manuscript preparation.

Oral & Poster Presentations

Offers the opportunity for one-on-one feedback from experienced senior faculty on oral and poster presentations. We suggest one month’s lead time to allow for scheduling with your consultant. Consultations offered for:

  • Short presentations (10-15 min)
  • Long presentations (45-60 min)
  • Poster presentations

Advice will be provided on presentation style, slide or poster format, and structure. Scientific/clinical content will not be the focus of these sessions.

Other resources including templates, logos and info on where to print your poster.

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Manuscript Preparation

Provides faculty with individualized feedback and review of manuscript from faculty with scientific, QI, outcomes, and education writing experience. Additional guidance may be offered after the initial session, if deemed appropriate (up to 3 total sessions).

Other resources:

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Grant Preparation

Offers feedback and advice on grant ideas (any stage in the process) from experienced grant writers and/or study section members in informal individualized consultations. Additional guidance may be offered after the initial session, if deemed appropriate by the consultant.

Other resources:

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Offers an opportunity to observe teaching/education experts or to be observed in a teaching session with follow-up feedback.

Consultant Observation

Consultants who have been identified as experts in a particular teaching/education area observe the advisee in teaching sessions and give feedback afterward. The advisee may request feedback on the teaching session as a whole or may ask the consultant to focus on specific aspects of their teaching.

Advisee Observation

An advisee may request to observe a consultant in a teaching session. This observation is followed by a feedback session.

Subjects offered:

  • Bedside teaching
  • Outpatient clinical teaching
  • Small and large-group teaching
  • Curriculum development critique
  • Other education/teaching-related areas

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Early Career Faculty

Assists early career faculty (associates, instructors, assistant professors) on any faculty track who are motivated to enhance their career development or learn more about faculty life at Emory, but don’t know where to start.

Examples of questions:

  • What resources are available to support my upcoming [QI/research/education] project?
  • How do I connect with other faculty?
  • Where can I learn more about publishing peer-reviewed scholarship?
  • Help! I feel lost at Emory and want to further develop my interest in ___.
  • How do I turn this interest into a career development opportunity?

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