Education Community

The Department of Medicine's Education Community supports education through a variety of faculty development events. The goal of the Education Community is to connect people who are involved in education and scholarship with each other to enhance professional development, encourage collaboration, facilitate mentoring, and offer activities to enhance important skills involved with education.

The Community is fortunate to have recognized leaders of education in the Department's Academy of Medical Educators be role models for the successful clinician/scientist-educator and help further the goals of the Education Community.

Community Newsletter

  • March 22, 2017
    • 2017 Emory Doctor's Day nominees; Teaching tip: J willis Hurst's "Attributes of a True Teacher"; Highlighted educator Mikhail Akbashev, MD; and more!
  • March 3, 2017
    • 2017 FAME Grant program; National Doctor's Day; Highlighted educator Jenny E. Han, MD, MSc (Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine); and more!
  • January 2017
    • Mentoring Opportunities; Highlighted educator Erica Heiman, MD (General Medicine and Geriatrics); The artistic side of medicine; and more!

Steering Team

  • Noble Maleque, lead, Hospital Medicine
  • Theresa Vettese, co-lead, General Medicine and Geriatrics
  • Mikhail Akbashev, Hospital Medicine
  • Joyce Akwe, Hospital Medicine
  • Yelena Burklin, Hospital Medicine
  • Ashima Lal, General Medicine and Geriatrics
  • Ulemu Luhanga, General Medicine and Geriatrics
  • Munish Luthra, Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
  • Alyssa Majesko, Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
  • Zanthia Wiley, Infectious Diseases

Community Members

Events & Resources

Learning to be a Better Teacher: This full day conference held annually in January provides faculty with an opportunity to interact with colleagues across the School of Medicine and to enhance their teaching skills. The conference features a keynote address and a number of small group workshops throughout the day.

To Lecture or Not to Lecture: Building a Better Learning Experience: This half-day symposium focuses on improving your ability to transmit knowledge in a lecture hall or small group session.

Experiential Teaching Simulation on Feedback: Learn best practices for providing effective feedback and practice skills in providing corrective feedback to residents on physical exam techniques, patient counseling and education, and communication skills through simulated scenarios. Participants also receive individualized feedback from learners and peer observers to reinforce best practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

Get involved in Education: The Education Community has compiled contact lists for the specific education programs to help faculty find out how to get involved. Read more  

Calendar of Community Events