Darin Erik Olson, MD, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Phone: 404-321-6111

Email: deolson@emory.edu


Dr. Olson works on projects related to diabetes and tissue engineering that include:

  1. Co-investigator on NIH-funded Clinical Trials in early diabetes (GRADE with Larry Phillips)
  2. Site Investigator at the Atlanta VA on NIH-funded trial to prevent progression of renal disease in type 1 diabetes (PERL with Guillermo Umpierrez)
  3. Evaluation of VA databases to study diagnostic methods for diabetes, improve early diagnosis, and assess interventions (with Larry Phillips)
  4. Site Investigator on ADA-funded trial comparing Linagliptin vs insulin glargine in the nursing home (with Guillermo Umpierrez)
  5. Co-investigator on VA-funded trials on screening for diabetes (with Larry Phillips)
  6. Co-investigator on PHARMA-funded trials at the Atlanta VA (HARMONY Outcomes, VPI-Clin-201D, EXSCEL Follow-up, DEVOTE, SONAR with Larry Phillips)
  7. Georgia Tech PhD Thesis Committee member looking at electrical stimulation of the liver to affect blood glucose (with Yogi Patel and Robert Butera)

Recent and Completed Projects

  1. Project at the Atlanta VA advancing rodent model of gene therapy for diabetes into pigs as the next step (with Peter Thule)
  2. Measuring in-vivo hepatic carbohydrate metabolism with NMR spectroscopy
  3. Hepatic metabolism in the fructose-induced fatty liver rat model (with Miriam Vos of Pediatrics) and in diet-induced fatty liver treated with GLP-1R agonists (with Frank Anania in Digestive Diseases)
  4. Non-linear signal processing of electroretinograms (ERG) to evaluate diabetic retinopathy using Hilbert-Huang Transforms and Empirical Mode Decomposition (with Machelle Pardue in Ophthalmology)
  5. Evaluation of hemoglobin A1c as a screening test in NHANES and prospective clinical study samples (with Lawrence Phillips, Mary Rhee, and David Ziemer)
  6. Site investigator at the Atlanta VA for inpatient insulin studies (with Guillermo Umpierrez and Dawn Smiley)

Dr. Olson is a board member Team Type 1, a non-profit foundation to “instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes". Learn more about Team Type 1.

Dr. Olson sees patients in the Diabetes and Endocrine Clinics at that Atlanta VAMC.


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