Resident Wellness

Our resident-led wellness committee is pleased to share their wellness mission statement, which will guide our program's wellness efforts throughout the year: 

The J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program is committed to fostering a culture that allows our residents to maintain their well-being as they participate in Emory’s tripartite mission of providing compassionate, patient centered care; engaging in scholarship; and excelling in teaching. The knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to maintain resilience and experience joy during training is an essential foundation for future success in the practice of Internal Medicine.

This mission will be achieved by:

  1. Fostering a sense of community with activities in and out of the training environment
  2. Participation in a curriculum that focuses on skills that enhance resilience and maintain wellness
  3. Providing dedicated time to engage in activities that promote well-being, personal health (physical, mental, and emotional) and overall wellness
  4. Recognition and celebration of citizenship and achievements in scholarship, teaching and patient care.
  5. Supporting and encouraging the creation of individualized wellness care plans