Atrioventricular Blocks


    62 year old male who is asymptomatic.

    62 year old male who is asymptomatic.


    Question 1: How can you tell this is Wenckebach?

    Key Findings

    -Sinus tachycardia

    -2nd degree AV block type I (Mobitz I)

    Coding for Boards

    -Sinus tachycardia

    -Av block, second degree-Mobitz type II (Wenckebach)

    -Inferior infarct


    Question 1: There is progressive prolongation of the PR interval. Also, if you compare the last conducted PR interval before the pause with the first conducted PR interval after the pause, the change is more noticeable. This is an example of what is termed long-cycle Wenckebach, where there are relatively numerous P waves conducted prior to a dropped beat.