Clerkship Student Resources

To ensure the best possible learning experience for all medical students, students in the Emory University School of Medicine Clerkship program should review the following documents prior to starting the clerkship.

  • Learning Objectives (PDF)
  • Clerkship Participant Policies (PDF)
  • Didactics - Required Didactics
    • Wednesday, 3 - 5 pm: Didactics with Clerkship staff
    • Mid-Clerkship Intersession Didactics held all day between months one and two of clerkship
    • Small group EBM session (one time during the clerkship)
    • Radiology and Ethics didactics incorporated into first didactic and intersession
  • Clerkship Contacts
    • For more information about the Clerkship program at Emory University, please contact Mary Pierre or Clerkship Program Director John Pittman