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Academy of Medical Educators


Academy Members:

Wendy Armstrong, MD
Lisa Bernstein, MD
William Branch, Jr., MD
Lorenzo Di Francesco, MD
Joyce Doyle MD
Dan Dressler, MD, MSc
Manuel Eskildsen, MD, MPH (Chair)
Jonathan Flacker, MD
Steven Gorbatkin, MD, PhD
Stacy Higgins, MD
Wilson Holland, MD
Jan-Michael Klapproth, MD
Kimberly Manning, MD
Robin Rutherford, MD
David Schulman, MD, MPH
Dustin Smith, MD
Laurence Sperling, MD
Vin Tangpricha, MD
Kenneth Walker, MD
Mazair Zafari, MD, PhD

Department Vice Chair for Education
Erica Brownfield, MD

Academy Executive Committee External Members
Barbara Pettitt, MD (Surgery)
Philip Shayne, MD (Emergency Medicine)

The Academy of Medical Educators is designed to reward teaching and to promote best practices in teaching across the Department. In brief, its mission is to advance and support teaching in the Department of Medicine.  By its very existence, it will improve the visibility and sense of valuing teaching in our department.  The goals of the Academy of Medical Educators are to:

  1. Identify, recognize and honor master teachers.
  2. Develop and implement innovative education tools/programs.
  3. Mentor and train aspiring educators who will act as role models for other faculty.