Education and Teaching Resources

    The Emory University Department of Medicine, within Emory University's School of Medicine, offers a variety of education and teaching resources for medical educators.

    Workshop: Straight from the Trainee's Mouth

    This workshop offered faculty the rare chance to hear straight from trainees honest insight into what they need from medical educators. Topics included trainees' needs and desires from faculty in different teaching venues like ward rounds, small group teaching, outpatient teaching, and what they really crave from feedback and direct observation.

    Review a summary of teaching tips provided by our learners (students, residents, and fellows) during the workshop, held May 2013.

    Academy of Medical Educators TEACH12

    The Academy has developed a set of core behaviors that we believe physicians should model to promote the goals we describe above. They are distilled in the "Emory TEACH12".

    • Be Caring and Compassionate
    • Be Curious
    • Be Passionate
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Patient
    • Be Exemplary
    • Be a Listener
    • Be Dedicated
    • Be a Communicator
    • Be Professional
    • Be Thorough
    • Be There

    Preceptor Development Program

    The Preceptor Development Program through the Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center provides resources and training in various topics of interest to preceptors and links to other sites of interest.

    It includes a set of modules adapted from those developed by The Mountain Area Health Education Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Module topics include:

    • Feedback;
    • Integrating the Learner in the Busy Practice;
    • Effective Preceptor; Setting Expectations;
    • Evaluation;
    • Teaching Styles, Learning Styles;
    • Preventing Difficult Learning Situation;
    • Managing Difficult Learning Situation;
    • and the One Minute Preceptor.

    Articles on Teaching

    One to one teaching and feedback

    ABCs of learning and teaching in medicine. Gordon, J. BMJ 2003; 326:543.

    What Makes a Good Clinical Teacher in Medicine? A Review of the Literature

    In this article, the authors perform a review of the literature pertinent to the question, “What makes a good clinical teacher in medicine. Sutkin, G., E. Wagner, et al. Academic Medicine 2008;83(5):452.

    A Pilot Study Using Nominal Group Techniques to Assess Residents' Perceptions of Successful Attending Rounds

    This study aimed to assess residents’ perceptions of successful attending rounds. Castiglioni, A., R. Shewchuk, et al. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2008;23(7):1060.

    Twelve Tips to Improve Bedside Teaching

    This article by Subha Ramini, Boston University School of Medicine details the best teaching strategies that could facilitate a return to the bedside for clinical teaching. Ramani, S. Medical Teacher2003;25(2):112